Inviting Play Panties

How to Make Panties for your Doll

Have you ever wondered how to make underwear for your doll? I love making underwear for my dolls.  They don’t seem ready to go without them.  I like to mix it up and vary my designs frequently, but I often start from a very simple pattern.
Inviting Play Panties
This is the basic style of panties I make for my girl dolls. I do vary the style some from doll to doll. The panties shown have fold-over-elastic on the leg holes and waist band
A couple of my doll maker friends asked me to teach them my method of making underwear.  Thinking it would be easier than writing an explanation, I decided to video tape myself making undies.  26 takes later and this is the result: Oh my goodness!  I have a whole new respect for people who make and share tutorials!!!!!!!  I thought it would be so incredibly easy to throw up a quick video for my friends.  I have so much to learn about editing and sharing videos – but my lack of video skills is tangential here to the task at hand; doll undies. My goal for the video tutorial is to show not just how to sew underwear or panties for your doll, but how to design your own panties pattern to fit your doll specifically based on measurements of your doll.  It is actually very simple to design your own pattern for underwear.  Perhaps, you can make some for your doll and then you can move on to your children! In Part 2 of How to Make Panties for your doll, I show you how to sew the underwear in just three steps.  In the video I use fold-over-elastic for the leg hole openings and waist band, but the design is easily adaptable.  Here are some pictures of slight variations.
How to make underwear with fold-over-elastic (FOE)
Here is a slight variation with hemmed leg holes and an elastic casing at the waist band. Simply add about 1/2 to the top and bottom of the undies and turn in to make a casing.
And here’s my favorite variation – briefs for boys!  Isn’t he cute in in his little whites?
Here, I’ve elongated the side seams to provide more coverage. Then I hemmed the leg hole openings without elastic and added fold-over-elastic for the waist band
For those of you who’d like an actual, traceable pattern and written instructions, you’re in luck!  Here is a FREE DOLL PATTERN for Panties.  The pattern fits many Waldorf dolls but was designed to fit Inviting Play 18″ dolls. Inviting Play 18” Doll Panties Pattern by Julie Colby  

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  1. Julie, thank you so much for sharing your patterns for free. Some of us are on fixed income and it helps out. I have been looking for a pattern for panties to make for my granddaughters for their 18″ dolls. I looked and looked and finally found yours and they are perfect and was exactly what I wanted. I am looking forward to viewing your sight. Once again thank you.

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