Nina Nina bo bina and where I am right now


I have just finished working on Nina.  invitingplay waiting for her clothes - Copy

I just adore her.  From the get go she didn’t have much of a back story or pages of plans or sketches.  On the advice of a fellow doll maker, I simply followed my gut on her and didn’t agonize over specific color and style decisions.  I made her and for her just what pleased me at the moment.

inviting play nina in the garden10 - Copy

She is easy; she has the braids I coveted as a child.  She has the complexion I covet now and the colors that make me feel happy.

inviting play nina's boots

Fancy?  nah.  but who needs fancy all the time?  I hope images of Nina bring you pleasure like she did me.

inviting play chubby tum

Here’s a little shot of her body in all its glory. ha.  As you can see,  she has one of the rounder bellies I’ve made.  She doesn’t seem to be mind being naked any more than a toddler.  I’m still working on bringing in some ability to hold poses in my dolls.  I just really like how they can bend and hold their legs and arms in bent positions.  I think the thing I like about the armature testing the most is that the dolls still look and feel like my dolls.  I haven’t had to alter my pattern and they are still mostly wool.

inviting play nina looks down at flower 2

The last piece I made for Nina is this whimsical flouncy jacket.  I had it in my head the whole time I was working on her but wasn’t able to finish designing it till just now right before I send her off.  I think it adds a bit of romance as well as practicality for the cooler seasons

inviting play nina picks a flowre

Nina was sold at Dollectable on Hyena Cart on June 1, 2015.

inviting play nina in the garden13 - Copy

Another thing I’ve been working on is writing down my current thoughts on doll making and the doll making journey.  Doll making affords a lot of solitude and time to listen to my inner thoughts.  In the past I haven’t bothered to document any of them but lately they seem to want to come out.


Angeni’s Hair. Angeni is pronunced (ahn-jeh-NEE). Today is her upload day


inviting play morning sun2

Well you’re up early Angeni (ahn-jeh-NEE).  How come you look so well rested?  I didn’t sleep a wink!

inviting play morning sun 4

We are going to have to take your hat off today.  You know that.

inviting play morning sun 5

We’ll make it ok.  ok?

inviting play morning sun 7

inviting play morning sun 6

Come on!!!

inviting play morning sun 8

I see your eyes you know!!

inviting play morning sun 10

You’re hair is so pretty you know that?  And so you and so natural.  Actually, it kind of looks like mine.

inviting play morning sun 13

Well, we’ll see what we can do.

inviting play morning sun 11

It will be ok.  I promise Angeni.

Angeni has angora mohair goat hair.  Hair from a goat.  A goat raised by a small farmer in the US who has a good life.  This goat gets sheared twice a year and has beautiful golden brown and blonde hair.  I bought the locks and combed each one and wefted them together and washed them and combed them again and crocheted them into a wig.  And they are soft and strong and beautiful…. but yesterday I was getting ready for a last photo shoot and I noticed they were matting.  And locks I had just combed seemed to need combing again.  Sigh.

Here is the thing about Doll Hair.  Doll hair is difficult.  Especially when you want and need to use the most natural materials possible.  People don’t make as many allowances for doll hair as they do for people hair.  Doll hair is never supposed to be unruly, or unmanageable, or indescribable, or fuzzy or too thin or too thick.  But…. lots of doll hair that looks pretty and perfect has gone through many many steps of processessing to achieve its glean and shine.  Processessing that not all dolls appreciate.  For some dolls – they demand organic, earthy, natures gift.  The gift of the goat.  I absolutely love working with raw, unprocessed goat hair.  It is soft and real.  It is clean.  But, it is highly variable.  Its one thing and then – it has changed.  It is difficult.  It takes me hours of hand work to turn the locks into a wig.  I go thru it lock by lock with just my comb and my sewing machine and my kitchen sink. It all seems worth it – and then…. crash – I’m combing it lock by lock and getting it ready for some last minute photos – and I notice, the nice separate locks have clumped and are clinging.  I notice the locks I just combed need combing again.  All my insecurities come falling down front and center.

And I realize, the truth is?  it is difficult to achieve manageable, comb-able, gorgeous, perfect doll hair with natural locks.  Maybe so difficult I can’t and shouldn’t try it.  And another thing… even if they do work (and I have made some dolls with lock hair that I love) – the next set of locks will behave differently.  Because all animals, even in the same breed, have different hair – just like humans.  I often hear people talking about which kind of locks they love the most.  They may say Alpaca.  Well, alpaca fiber also varies intensely from animal to animal.  Some of it is so slippery and fine I haven’t been able to weft it at all; no weft can contain it.  Some is almost coarse.  Some you really can’t comb out without breaking ends.  Mohair is amazing stuff – people have been making dolls with mohair locks for generations and centuries – but it is extremely variant from animal to animal even from shearing to shearing.   In the US, most goats are sheared twice a year so they can have manageable coats and they can give birth and nurse babies without hair getting in the way – and so the hair is mostly between 6-8″ at the maximum.  The mohair locks that are much much longer have been growing for longer than half a year and they tend to be much harder to comb out since they’ve been growing on an animal for so long.   The softest locks tend to mat and clump.  So there are tradeoffs in length and many other aspects.

I thought about pulling Angeni’s listing and keeping her here with me longer.  changing her hair or coming to terms with it – but in the end I will keep her listing as is.  I will always rehair my dolls if their hair becomes too unmanageable for the people who love them.  Thank you for your support in this journey.





JennyB Enigmatic Soul


inviting play weird closeup

Let me in!  Show me who you are?  are you shy?

inviting play sitting with face3

are you just lost in imagination?

inviting play cute stander 2

I can see there is confidence in there.  Be bold!

inviting play closeup hand

you will have to reach out sometimes – be the one to offer your hand first

Inviting Play Jennyb in the morning2

Its ok to sit alone don’t let people tell you it isn’t

inviting play jenny can pose

inviting play standing side

I watch you struggle to process something for which there are not words and I think: “JennyB,  you are enigmatic.”

inviting play linen dress closeup

I started working on JennyB many weeks ago.  At first I was working under the assumption that she would be one thing.  Something, an idea, that was stuck in my head, running thru my idyl thoughts, a memory from school days and I couldn’t get the name or the person out of my head.  Well, and then the weeks pass and the stitches mount and it turns out the hair you thought would be perfect is all wrong.  And SO, she is who she is and nothing more and always hard to define.   And JennyB is she.  Enigmatic.

With JennyB, I am once again experimenting with some mild pose-ability.  Buried deep in her muscular skeleton structure she has armature that allows her arms, legs, and neck to bend and hold their position.  The armature does not extend through her shoulders and hips so she can not hold her arms up or out but she can bend them around something.  The armature is not a 100% natural material.  However, by weight, JennyB is still mostly made of wool and cotton, and she feels just like my other dolls to the touch.  JennyB can stand against a wall and sit on her own.  and she is large (23″ tall) and hug-able.

It is no secret that blue and grey are the colors I gravitate toward and always want to use for my dolls.  So JennyB has comfortable cotton jeans and a blue cotton t-shirt and a snuggly warm wool vest in really yummy Madelinetosh yarn that I crocheted with a raised diamond stitch. (Its red wooden buttons made JennyB very happy! ) Of course she has cotton undies and socks.  Her dress is an organic Japanese linen that I just love and her boots are leather, lined with linen, and fastened with  etched metal buttons.

JennyB will be auctioned in the Dollectable shop on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 7pm Eastern and 6pm here in Minnesota.  Her auction is SHORT – just 15 minutes.  The link for her auction is here:



Memories of Harold Hubert


Its hard to know exactly what to write about this duo;

inviting play holding hands 8

this pair separated by a generation and connected by love, eyes, memories, and scraps of fabric.


heater and dad2

inviting play standing suspenders

He so strong and steady



Heather's dad 5


inviting play close up of dad

his love was accessible

heathers's dad 5How I remember you

inviting play shorts face on

inviting play heather and dad17

Hold me close


inviting play shorts with fish and fishing pole

Tell me your stories

inviting play dad with hand outstretchex


your arms calling us to you – well perhaps you were motioning the dog to come for your secret ice-cream rendezvous –  but your arms were open to us anyhow


inviting play his shoe

now I try to walk in your footsteps


heather red boots2

and me….

inviting play heather's undies

of course with the rainbow pants

inviting play heather standing

just a little girl….Made strong by your being

inviting play heather and dad15

You gave me your heart

inviting play suspenders 4

now I have my memories and your heart

inviting play dad

In memory of Harold Hubert



IP Fix


I have been working on some custom dolls and a large ready to go doll for a long time. I’m not sure why, but I’m really taking my time on these dolls.  My guess is, I’m working slowly because I want to get them right and I’m afraid I won’t.   Fear and self confidence is a daily battle for me.  Anyway, I was hoping to have all the customs done and JennyB for Dollectable on February 1st, 2015.  But I knew I couldn’t make it and didn’t want to rush.  I was sad to miss Dollectable and wishing I could snap my fingers and have a doll to offer.  In the past, when I’ve tried to make a little doll quickly – it ends up being a miniature big doll – that is, I end up making a tiny fully dressable doll that takes almost as long as  big dressable doll.  I was stewing about this, when out of the blue – I had this very clear vision:  IP FIX!


i happened to be driving my children to piano lessons at the time.  I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Piano lessons is a very calming experience for me – my children are  busy learning notes and rhythms and I’m busy, in my own world, in a sunny window crocheting or… madly getting the IP Fix down on paper before the vision of it dematerializes and is vanquished.

inviting play designs2

IP Fix is a small doll that doesn’t need clothes.  It has a real wool head with a real wig full of luscious curls.  Its body is soft and flexible and is double walled with the outer wall being loose and the inner wall containing glass weighting media and wool.  Its curved legs and arms are made of the usual doll skin stuffed firmly with wool and attached securely.  I choose a soft organic fabric for the body and a beautiful color mohair lock for its hair.  IP Fix!

ip fIX splits 2

My plan is to make more – to make many – whenever I need to have a doll on my table – but I don’t always follow through on my plans; sometimes they get replaced by new compulsions.  It is the nature of doll making.



Sometimes a princess, Sophie



Hello Dear Readers –

I wish to introduce you to Sometimes a princess, Sophie.

Sophie was made along side another little girl just her size (about 14-15″).

inviting play under the blankets

The two of these girls, have had so much fun together.  Even weathering some of the coldest days of winter together before I could make them their clothes.

inviting play elsa together

Like so many, she loved Frozen –



and is going through a bit of an Elsa stage.  She made me draw up plans for this princess gown.


We went through several iterations to get it just so.

inviting play elsa back to the blankets

“I want a real princess dress – lots of, what do you call them – gathers?  can you sew the silkies together?”

inviting play elsa wip for wan

There !  now I am just like Elsa – except I am a princess.  Princess Sophie.

Inviting Play Princess Sophie

With pink shoes of course!

inviting play leather shoes

Well, you can’t be all princess all the time!

inviting play sophie play clothes 3

Will these do for you dear Sophie?

inviting play sophie play clothes 1

Here is is, Minnesota in January.  But you cute legs just don’t want to stay covered up.

inviting play sophie play clothes

Your top reminds me of something out of my own childhood.

inviting play sophie playclothes again

Are you ready now Sophie?

I will miss you ♥


Goodbye 2014…Hellooooo Now!


It is funny. Doll making doesn’t really need to have a seasonality, doesn’t need to be marked in years, but I strongly feel a yearly pattern to my doll making.  Every January feels like a fresh start, a time to look forward, set goals, like an empty slate ready to mark exciting new beginnings.  But this post is a look back upon last year’s seasons.  Spring always brings optimism and new breezy fabrics,

Jax and her baby doll - a doll set from spring of 2014
Jax and her baby doll – a doll set from spring of 2014

Summer feels like a time to get things done and finish orders, but it rarely is, as its too tied up in variable kids’ activities and schedules of snacks and sunshine.

Solana Summer Child  created Summer of 2014
Solana Summer Child created Summer of 2014


oh and I can’t forget summer doll Francis!

Francis a doll made in the summer of 2014.  I loved her and her striped dress and her soft natural mohair locks
Francis a doll made in the summer of 2014. I loved her and her striped dress and her soft natural mohair locks

By fall, the pressure is really on! It marks the start of the busy season.  Fall is crazy for me as the leader of a family packed with fall birthdays, the start of schools, and as a doll maker, the start of the busy season and the holiday rush.

Anne, a doll made as a wishlist custom, completed in late summer 2014 with fancy victorian undergarments and alpaca hair
Anne, a doll made as a wishlist custom, completed in late summer 2014 with fancy Victorian undergarments and alpaca hair


Also, fall brings this craving for some of the yummiest textures of doll making, the layered wools, and knits and hats.

Lindilin, a doll made in November of 2014, a very sweet doll with lots of soft cotton and wool layers
Lindilin, a doll made in November of 2014, a very sweet doll with lots of soft cotton and wool layers

And then, the holidays are soon happening, and with them a lot of anxiety for the doll maker, the pressure to successfully close out another year of dolls, the pressure to try to get to as many custom order requests as possible, the pressure to list additional extra ready-to-go dolls as this is the time when demand really hits a frenzy.  And this year?

Havala, a little poseable doll I made in December of 2014
Havala, a little pose-able doll I made in December of 2014

well, I chose not to succumb to the pressure too much.  I only made about 26 dolls in 2014.  Just over 2 per month.  I didn’t do inhuman amounts of doll work in December.  And that is probably a good thing.

Rubrae a  little gift doll made in November of 2014
Rubrae a little gift doll made in November of 2014


And now it is time to say goodbye to the very last doll of 2014.  This is Juliette of the Cold Moon – the wolf moon – made in the dark quiet of late December, bridging into January.

Juliette of the Cold Moon
Juliette of the Cold Moon

She turned out to be one of my favorite dolls of 2014.  She is very tiny; a very slender 12″.  But, I’m very proud of her proportions.

inviting play juliette 1

To me, her proportions are perfect for her long face and narrow head.  Often, when I’m critiquing my own work, it is the proportions of which I find myself most critical.  Another thing I love about Juliette is her innocent childlike approach to the world.  She is not too self aware.  She is just a child.  A child in a cold, dark house, but one full of wool socks, and burning fires, and glistening snow outside.  She doesn’t know true cold because she is lucky to have her family providing her the warmth.  The other seasons will come for her but right now she is living in the magic in the moment of the cold and dark.


As I look back at 2014 there are a few other dolls that standout as turning points.  Merry was a huge accomplishment for me.  And I almost didn’t make her!  I felt pressure at the time to work on some wishlist custom projects and future ready-to-go dolls, and it really took a big push from two of my colleagues who encouraged me and believed in me to join the collaboration of which Merry was part and really let her shine.

Merry made in September 2014, was part of a 3 doll maker collaboration
Merry made in September 2014, was part of a 3 doll maker collaboration

She was the first doll of a new very large size and I felt proud of each part of her.  Usually, there is some piece of each doll that I feel unsure about.  Is her hair too thin?  Is she stuffed too firm?  Will people understand her expression?, Are her clothes singular and special enough?  But Merry seemed to make herself.  I’m not sure if it was her story and fate that helped her along or if it was just the coincidence of being the right doll, at the right time – but There was Merry.

inviting play merry standing 2

Another doll I’ll always think of as being very special was a custom doll I made named Eowyn.  She had two very different roles, that of fearless warier, and that of fine medieval lady.  Her silk fighting costume and elegant silk dress were both memorable and very different from my past designs.

inviting play paradox
Eowyn, a brave warrier, and a lovely lady


And, there were many many more of course. If you want a look at all of them – the class of 2014 is on Pinterest here:

I love them all and I can’t wait to start meeting the class of 2015.  There really should be another post about 2015 Inviting Play plans.  We shall see.  Thank you for supporting me, loving my work, and pushing me to get better, and allowing me to be me.




A Fair Hair Pair; Silka and Saully


They go home tomorrow this pair.

inviting play whispers

Silly and sweet too

Inviting Play Sauly and Silka

His undies make me smile

inviting play saully legs

And how sugary sweet she looks in her best dress

inviting play Silka in her best

I wonder what they’ll do in their next life

inviting play saully legs 2

Where will they go?

inviting play boots and knees

What will they play?

inviting play silka head shot2

inviting play sually

Fare thee well Silka and Saully

Inviting Play Sauly and Silka



Merry Amité the search begins (part 4!)


It felt so good to run away from Lady Davenport.  I kind of wanted to just keep running and running and running. I would just keep imagining that I was back home in the grasses.

inviting play merry in the shade

Running and running with no cares.  However, we were getting hungry and our hunger brought us back to reality.  We needed food and we needed to find our parents – or at least figure out how to contact them. We had a little money so we decided to find the train depot.

invitintg play alone in the street2

Right outside the station, as I was scanning headlines on newspapers.  I saw something I really can not speak about.  All I had to do was point it out to Thekla and Noortje.  My world came crashing down.  It was something unspeakably awful that the newspapers were showing.  And it seemed we were right in the center of it.  Our train ride idea vanished and we were running again.

inviting play side view satchel

running running running.  later the running was walking.  Sometimes we’d walk alone and sometimes in pairs and sometimes all together.  we had to be very careful as the authorities had been alerted and were on the watch for us.  We needed to hide in plain sight.

inviting play alone on a bench

Noortje and Thekla were very worried about me – it seems I stopped talking.  I let them make all the plans.  I withdrew to my imagination.

inviting play standing on the rail3

We ate what we could.

oh those apples would be so nice
oh those apples would be so nice


It was beginning to be cold.
inviting play bag lady 3

Eventually, we realized our goal was to find permanent homes and families.  We all took turns questing alone. I enjoyed my time alone.  I really did ok for myself.  I know I’m too trusting, too naive.  But, people like me and they want to help me.  Thekla and Noortje were much more proactive about their wanderings.  They looked at maps.  They planned.  They adventured in an organized way.  They had fun together.  They found temporary homes in Europe with dollmakers and … I found one too – back home.  I managed to fall under the gaze of the right wealthy family at a playground, and they helped me find my doll maker.

inviting play writing letters 4

Once in my home I began to open up a bit about the tragic death of my parents.  I wrote and received lots of postcards to and from Thekla and Noortje.  It seems they share my strong desire to find a new permanent home.

inviting play writing letters 5

In just 1 day, tomorrow, on Friday. September 26, 2014. At 8:30pm EASTERN and 7:30pm Central time – I will begin looking for my new home.   Here is the link to my auction: I have so many questions about what will happen and who will love me.  I know for certain that wherever I go, I will keep a very strong connection with my friends Thekla and Noortje.  We were born as soul sisters in separate lands but lived some significant days together.

Merry, Thekla, and Noortje.  The Amité soul sisters
Merry, Thekla, and Noortje. The Amité soul sisters


To read part 4 of Thekla’s story:

To read part 4 of Noortje’s story: