How to Purchase Inviting Play Dolls



I’ve added the capability to sell dolls directly from my website.  (RIGHT HERE FROM BLOG POSTS) This capability is very new for me and I’m still testing, tweaking and trying to figure out if its going to work.  I fully expect to have gliches in the process and I hope you can bare with me!  Thank you as always for your patience!


In general, I sell dolls at the Dollectable congo event which happens on the first of every month on and I sell dolls in my Indiecart shop on a more random spontaneous schedule.  But I always provide these links to you when I have a doll to sell on my blog and facebook page (please keep reading below.  The best way to find out what dolls I am working on and how I plan on selling them is to follow me here, on my blog and to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  Here is how I use these internet tools in a nutshell:

WWW.INVITINGPLAY.COM  – my website, my home, my blog

I use this website  and blog to tell in depth stories of each doll, show many detailed photos, and chronicle my journey as a doll maker.  You can go back in time with me and see how my dolls have evolved by reading back thru my archives.  I TRY to blog about each doll I make although sometimes I run out of time or let things slip.  I will try to provide information about how each doll will be sold in its own blog post.  But primarily, this website is used to provide details on each doll and not day to day updates regarding when and where dolls will be sold.

COMING SOON :  The ability to buy an Inviting Play Doll directly from here, my website.  !  



I use Facebook to provide you my daily and weekly quick informative updates.  I show you who I’m working on and provide reminders and links to uploads and planned doll sales.  I also link my blog to my Facebook page so you know when I’ve written in depth on a doll.  You may also send me friend requests and follow my more personal news from my profile.  Sometimes I show my dolls on my personal profile as well.  Follow me at Julie Colby.  Facebook is probably the single best way to follow me if you wish to receive helpful information about purchasing a doll.  Please! not only like my page, but in order to have my updates go into your newsfeed, you must hover the cursor over the like button and click on “get notifications”.  Otherwise, facebook doesn’t show all of the updates to you as just a liker. 


I’m relatively new to Instagram – but I plan to use it several times a week to just show the here and now – what am I working on this minute.


Follow me on pinterest – I’m not an avid pinner but I do create specialty boards for some doll collaborations I’m working on as well as special dolls I’m planning.


It has become increasingly evident to me that it is patience that helps you find and buy the perfect handmade doll.  No two are the same, it takes a while to find the perfect doll for you.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!  I often fantasize about being able to provide the perfect doll instantaneously to everyone who inquires and wishes to support me and buy a doll from me.    And, please don’t ever hesitate to contact me directly with question at or via a facebook message.



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    1. So sorry this took so long to get back to you! I only made one max doll as a custom for a friend and probably won’t have time to do another in the next two months. I recommend Faydra Jones of With Love, Hannah dolls. She has made a very very cute couple of Max inspired dolls. Let me know if you need more contact info for her. Thank you for your message!

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